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These Snowbird Clubs Are Even Making Locals Jealous!

These Snowbird Clubs Are Even Making Locals Jealous

Each winter along the Gulf Coast we welcome a very particular group of people who aren't quite vacationers but not quite locals either. This rare breed of 'birds' is looking to fill up their calendars with sunshine-soaked events, meet other 'flocks' who enjoy pinochle and golf while simultaneously finding the most economical way to fit it all in.  I'm often asked by silver-haired smiles "what is there to do around here for fun" and I'm happy to provide...

Posted on Sunday, September 25, 2016

An Event to Look Up To

An Event to Look Up To

Learning to fly a kite is somehow a rite of passage, an integral part of childhood… a golden memory maker in the human experience. It should be noted though that it’s not as easy and breezy as it looks! As a child I tried desperately to get my butterfly shaped kite to soar over the emerald waves of the Gulf only to watch it crash into the surf and ‘drown’. Which is why the 8th annual Harbor Kite festival is so exciting! Real kite professionals will be available to give kite flying lessons- something...

Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cheers to Destin Brewery

Cheers to Destin Brewery

Isn’t that great to say... “Destin Brewery”!? While it’s true that Destin isn’t lacking in beachy activities, many of the locals and visitors occasionally look for more entertainment options outside of the beach other than golfing, bowling, zip lining, fishing and the three outdoor malls in the area (ok now that I’m writing all this I suppose there really are a lot of things to do here. Anyways…back to the beer!) Located at 506 Mountain Drive in west Destin, Destin Brewery grew from the honest love...

Posted on Saturday, September 3, 2016